Mission Statement/ Who are we?

Who Are We?

welcome to AIMMS an internationally reputed organization of trainer and educators, committed to serve the professionals and semi skilled human capital by bringing them upto the international standards in terms of excellence in their respective fields.

We are a team of Education and Research Professionals in AIMMS, working as a bridge and affiliate center for more than 15 national and international organizations of Training, Qualification, assessment, iso certification and award of various professional and competency based courses. We work as facilitator for our Pakistanis professionals and other professionals working in or out side of the country, especially those in UAE/KSA and all Gulf and European countries.

We work as mediary between various bodies to serve the professionals by counseling, and seeking admissions for them in various trusted bodies of knowledge and trainings. And for this purpose we have our training campuses in Islamabad , Lahore, Mardan and Karachi.

Since last 15 years we have a good name and shown enormous commitment in our performance. We are clear and upto the mark in all our services and try the best to come up to the expectations of the prospective candidates.

Transperancy and professionalism is our goal, and we have even displayed  all the minute details on our web page so as to impart clear image to our students. Even we have openly mentioned some relevant points in anticipation so as to make  our students aware of the likely future of the related product..

Being a team of researchers every member of ours has gone through all aspects of the services which we deliver. Keeping in view the economic conditions of the population, the fee structure of our services is the lowest in the region. It will not be exageration to tell that our services are not purly material centric. We try to bring a hybrid of various modes of capacity building courses with easy, flexible and to the mark qualifications mainly based on periodic online training, incampus training, research assignments based and previouse p[rofessional experiences of the candidates, which confer the chance of exemption and progression to the candidates...


Every activity in this planet is conducted with some tangible goals. The goals are always in the form of material. AIMMS has drastically changed this tradition old concept of material interest, and has always focussed on the national and social interests of the nation and the country. This is the reason that there is no specific ownership of AIMMS and every person and professional working here are the stakeholders in it. This is purely a humanitarian approach to looking at things in this modern and complex world. The social injustice has moved the management of AIMMS and many white collars professionals in various areas of the country are engaged in this nobel task. It is not exaggeration to state that AIMMS can accept any professional in the country to come and join hands with us and play a role in the development of the country. Our major focus is on our nationals who are working abroad and are not able to get incampus regular classes.

We are proud to tell that we are the pioneer of this new and modern approach in education and skill development.

For any query and feedback             info@aimms.edu.pk

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