Mission Statement/ Who are we?

Who Are We?

  The content writer of this web page is a blunt researcher and an academician, who has put unnecessary details, so sorry in advance for any inconvenience that you may come accross during browzing.

    Welcome to AIMMS, an internationally reputed organization of trainers and educators, committed to serve the professionals and  non skilled human capital by bringing them upto  international standards in terms of excellence in their respective fields like health, medicine, engineering, management, research, IT, alternative medicine, and construction. Our complete philosophy is based on bringing to gether the trainer and the trainee at a plateform, where the trainer provides the opportunities of learning to the trainee, for the welfare of humanity. So AIMMS is not mere a conventional institute, rather it is working as bridge between the trainer and learner on one hand  and is  providing share holding/jobs to all those who are connected to it in what ever form. 

AIMMS is a reputed institute marked with SERVING PROFESSIONAL NON ACADEMIC  PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION of world class under fast track and RPL system as per the requirements of our Affiliation bodies for some courses. With the major aims to certify overseas Pakistanis who are properly skilled but with out such certifications, because of.

Lack of time for regular qualification

lack of regular required colleges/universities

tough duty schedule, and

Because of heavy fee

   We are a team of Education and Research Professionals in AIMMS,hailing from various research and academic back ground, working as a bridge and affiliate center for more than 15 national and international organizations of Training, Qualification, assessment, iso certification and award of various professional and competency based courses. We work as facilitator for our Pakistani professionals and others working in or out side of the country, especially those in UAE/KSA and all Gulf and European countries. Besides, AIMMS is a classic and innovative firm of Research and Professional Qualification, guided , supervised and monitored by high ranking academicians, professionals, researchers, enterpreuners, and professors.

     We work as bridge between various bodies to serve the professionals by counseling, and seeking admissions for them in various trusted bodies of knowledge and trainings.  For this purpose we have our training campuses in Islamabad , Lahore, Mardan.

     Since last 15 years we have a good name and shown enormous commitment in our performance. We are clear and upto the mark in all our services and try the best to come up to the expectations of the prospective candidates.

 Transperancy and professionalism is our goal, we tried every inch to preserve it. To this, our graduates' satisfaction on us is our asset. Even we have the courage to display even the minute details on our web page.

   Keeping in view the economic conditions of the people , the fee structure of our services is the lowest in the region. It will not be exaggeration to tell that our services are not purly material centric. We try to bring a hybrid of various modes of capacity building courses with easy, flexible and to the mark qualifications mainly based on periodic online training, incampus training, research assignments  and previouse professional experiences of the candidates, which confer the chance of exemption and progression to the candidates...

For Health and Management professionals we have put into vogue the RESEARCH BASED assignments...which will enrich the capabilities of these professionals and earn them international recognition...


Every activity in this planet is conducted with some tangible goals. The goals are always in the form of material. AIMMS has drastically changed this tradition old concept of material interest, and has always focussed on the national and social interests of the nation and the country. This is the reason that there is no specific ownership of AIMMS and every person and professional working here are the stakeholders in it. This is purely a humanitarian approach to looking at things in this modern and complex world. The social injustice has moved the management of AIMMS and many white collars professionals in various areas of the country are engaged in this nobel task. It is not exaggeration to state that AIMMS can accept any professional in the country to come and join hands with us and play a role in the development of the country. Our major focus is on our nationals who are working abroad and are not able to get incampus regular classes.

MISSION STATEMENT: The sole mission of all the activities of AIMMS is focused on Personality Development/ Human Development of the skilled, semi skilled and non skilled professionals of Pakistan inside and out side of the country, in the form of two major streams of Qualification 1, pro-academic and 2. Professional Competency Qualification, on bases of previous knowledge of the concerned person / online research thesis, assignments and short trade test.

We are proud to tell that we are the pioneer of this new and modern approach in education and skill development.

For any query and feedback             info@aimms.edu.pk


AIMMS Monitoring and Support Team

 Welcome to Monitoring & Support Chapter of AIMMS. Here our team will give you uptodate counseling and guidance in all matters related to your professional development and career building. We are a team of high professionals and researchers knowing that only through market related training and qualification can change our status in the committee of nations. For this AIMMS has done much since 2004, and is marching on well guided and thought out road to success. Many professionals in GCC/GULF regions have got certification via AIMMS and now enjoy high profile jobs in multiple firms/companies. It is for the first time in history of our country that AIMMS has introduced this Monitoring Chapter in order to serve the interests of the intending candidates in a more professional way.

  WHAT WE DO? We provide assistance in:

Award of professional Diplomas of 1 & 2 year, on bases of applicants experiences and research in a shorter period under exemption AND accelerated mode of study.

We also give free counseling for right certification/degrees for right job and promotion in the existing jobs.

Our efforts concentrate on strengthening our youth to find reasonal jobs in govt and private firms through out the world.

To meet the imminent challenges faced by Pakistanis in this modern age.

We also look after and support the activities run by various offices/campuses of AIMMS in Pakistan and abroad and to ensure how AIMMS can introduce new training partners and professionals. This section also tries to ensure transperancy and quality.

If you need any advice on your professional growth in terms of Professional & Capacity building via various modes of Qualifications from simple professional diploma to master level, with the collaboration of national and international organizations/boards/councils and universities then you have stepped in a correct forum.

Personality development in this modern world is a challenging task. The whole world has got tremendous change, while the developing nations like us suffered a lot. Th governments systems almost in every country in the developing world can not address the emerging problems of the people. So our this small step may prove a milestone in this direction.

AIMMS MONITORING & SUPPORT TEAM, dedicated to furnish details for any query...


                           For any counseling please reach us on    support@aimms.edu.pk  ( feed back will be given in 02 working days)

          For Quick response please call     +92-333 5674192  Dr. Safyan    Information executive Isb Region/Overseas

                                                                 +92-333 5066535 Mr. Iqbal Zahid  Information Executive kp/ Overseas

                                                                    +92-334 5068900 Mr. Ijaz Khan  Information Executive Lahore/ Overseas

                                                                   +92-322 4439673 Mr. Ijaz Ahmed info facilitation officer, Lahore Campus

                                                                     +92-333 5071677  Mr. Saqib Satti  info facilitation officer Islamabad Campus

                                                                     +92-347 9812089 Mr. Qaisar Khan info facilitation officer Kp Mardan Campus

                                                                       +92-336 9392456 Mr. Imran Khan admission counseling

 For Overseas Professional Qualifications & Counseling & Complaints  whatsapp texts only

                                                           Dr. Zshah, Ph.D/ internationally renowned researcher +92-3429245351 Chief Advisor                                                                         AIMMS chapter of Professional Career Counselling Pakistan

NOTE:  Dear Valued professionals in case of not satisfaction by our informations, you can contact any other information officer of our company for more details and satisfaction.



Dr. Gohar Zaman M.A Political Science, MD AM,   MD AIMMS Pakistan

Dr. Zshah Umer  Ph.D in Civil-Military Relations & Educationist , MD in AM, Hon. Staff Member AITU USA, Assistant Professor, Abdul Wali Khan University,   Chief Advisor to MD AIMMS, Mr. Gohar Zaman in academic and research matters of AIMMS.

Mr. Iqbal Zahid, LLB/MBA  Chief Executive and admission incharge, KP region & American Qualification

Mr. Safyan, CEO AIMMS Islamabad, Phd in Transportation Engineering from UK

Mr. Ijaz Khan CEO AIMMS Lahore region, MBA   Admissions incharge and expert in counseling..

Dr. Syed Irshad Ph.D IN Education, Rtd. Lft. Colnel Education Core  Academic Advisor

Dr. Hikmat Shah, Ph.D in Political Science, Rtd Colnel          Director Academics and Public Relations

Mr. Qaisar Khan, MA Political Science, admissions and public dealings kpk. MD AIMMS KPK.

Mr.  Imran Khan, Msc Economics    Admissions counseling incharge

Mr. Fitrat Yousafzai BS Soft Ware Engineering, AIMMS Promotion incharg

Mr. Hafiz Mushtaq  Media Incharge AIMMS

Mr. Altaf khan, MBA Marketing, admission incharge AIMMS.

Mr. Abbas Askari, Digital Marketing

Mr. Ijaz Ahmed Sipra Legal Matters

Mr. Prof.  Hazrat Zubair    Secretary TTB, KP  Academics

Prof. Jehanzeb, Ph.D  Research Support

Prof. Manzoor Ahmed Ph.D Research Support

Mr. Ayaz Ali Shah, MS UK, Academics & Research Support  AIMMS Governing Body

Mr. Fayaz Ali Shah, DCO Abbotabad, Hon advisor     AIMMS Governing Body

Mr. Himayat Mayar, LLB, Ex. MNA     AIMMS Governing Body

Mr. Uzair  Khan BS IT/ LLB

Dr. Irfanullah Ph.D in English

Dr. Islam Shah Ph.D Agriculture

Mr. Aftab Hussain, MS in Project Management, Online Trainer KSA



   Random Thoughts


For All Students/ Professionals/ Overseas/       A discussion (Informal& Philosophy)

Besmellah. Let me be bold to tell you a very interesting story of AIMMS, where I have spent more than a decade right from its opening in a single room in the second floor. At that time I got this idea to establish such institute because of a mishap. Once I called an Islamabad based very famous institute for a course which was E.P.M I think. I was so much in need of that course. However during my second time call for doing a request to give me some installments options. The response from the other side was very much non professional. Being an analyst since my childhood I thought how an uneducated person can operate such type of Educational institute. So the creation of single room AIMMS at KPK was my reaction to that incident. Now that person I consider my MENTOR although he may not acknowledge it.

Being a less upto date guy at that time I was not thinking that one day AIMMS will become a country wide organization. So I gave it a name Abaseen Institute of Medical & Modern Sciences, which is in short AIMMS. After a few years we established our Peshawar  camp office in 2006. Mean while we were giving short courses in construction, and health related areas. During this phase we were having training experts in different subjects. However that was our initial phase of professional activities so we incur some material loss. Still I remember that till 2010 the most difficult step for us was to hire persons and information/ counseling staff. Every person was short sighted  and I thought that these people don’t want to adopt this as profession or mission. We knew that poverty also does not know laws.

In 2011 it was a turning point for us when we wanted to establish a contact and training center in Islamabad. For us it was not possible to shift to Islamabad completely due to some inevitable reasons. It was blessing that we got Mr Gauhar Zaman, the real Dean/Servant/vice chancellor of this organization. When we smelled that Mr Gauhar is the human being whom we wanted to be the real leader of this team.( Once  we sent Mr Gauhar Zaman to Lahore office as office leader and we acknowledged his matchless services that he even could sleep on the ground with out electricity. It is only the one example)

 So we were talking of 2011 and our affiliation with TTB for the first time vocational courses on competency and short trade tests.

Now the problems were many, especially for managing the Head Office at Islamabad. Meanwhile I got contact with a highly professional person who has performed valuable services, and we were so much happy and we though now AIMMS will rise high. However the latter events showed that Mr..Dash was a good being only. Here you should know the difference between being and a human being. In simple words we saw that Mr…. is bent only on material aspects of this organization.

So we planned to be separated from this gentle man, and called Mr Gauhar Zaman from Lahore to Islamabad Campus. So in 2012 we became a little resourceful and more and more professionals came in and joined us. Mr Ijaz from Bhakkar was our valuable addition as he was very young and energetic. Although he is not now (hhhh) He is now the owner and every thing of Lahore region.

In 2014 we established an office in Karachi as well. It was also a very funny story. A person from Karachi had come to our Islamabad for admission. He was surprised to see our official straightforwardness.  We thought keeping in view the appearance and age of that person that he is also a good addition and will be more human being than being. But no doubt he has the element of human but that was meeting the criteria as per standard of AIMMS.

However we found an other person who is good out and inwardly and now he is supervising Karachi office as his own office and has introduced some positive measures along with welfare activities.

To cut short the essay meanwhile we have seen so many ups and down and we think will discuss in an other piece. However we have other young professionals like Qaisar, Ijaz Khan, Abbas Askari, Mr. Farooq Engineers, Dr Subhan, Dr Ikram, Dr Imran, Dr Safyan, Dr Yahia, and almost 100 persons who are health doctors and phd doctors.

It is to bring into your kind attention that AIMMS unique way of education is it is promoting  70% Competency based professional qualifications in the form of 01 and 02 year Certification under fast track/ experiences based and online research thesis bases from national and international accredited and registered bodies/boards/councils/universities/  (details are available on web page www.aimms.edu.pk)


What we do?

We claim we educate the persons. By education we mean to improve the skills or knowledge of the candidates. What for it is important? It is important simply to conquer the universe. Why the universe or did not get? It is easy we are part of this universe and we should discover the hidden treasures of it. For what?

For our needs and to reach its fruits to those who are unable. Although we get education for earning more, but that earning more materials is linked with your know how and that know how is simply called education…..

Why you do this, as there are so many institutions in every street? This is the point. Our education system is different from them. How ? Simply, our objective is to touch those who are already in any technical, management or health, medicine field or even if he is a Carpenter to a Ph.D degree holder. Or any person who is having experience in any field but does not possess certification/diploma. Why he or she should get certificate if he is skilled in a field? This is the point. If he is not having certification he can not do any work at due position in govt or non govt bodies or overseas. Why? Because no owner or board of director of any company can take the risk to appoint such person at his own risk alone. It is an internationally recognized principle of professionalism. ( if still have any doubt or confusion you can mail me on helpline@aimms.edu.pk)

Whats the difference between Pakistani based and US/UK/CANADA professional certification?

Simply which country is more advanced, the certification of that country is holding more importance. But international diplomas are expensive, as all other imported things like medicine, garments etc are more expensive.

However let me dare to disclose one more reality, that is, what is the fee of these diplomas.

Its answer is very simple, education and certification have no value. It is a value less commodity. How? Simply this means if we take 1 lac pkr fee or only 1 thousand pkr, all can be justified under law.  BUT?

Do you know we have more than 20 professional stake holders, and more than 100 trainers, and upto 8 persons of IT. In the same way we have more than 05 campuses on rent. What does this all mean? This means that our monthly expenses are high.  If so much expenses, then how we afford all this? Simple reply is that we are less concerned with money comparatively. Our main target is to train and certify individuals and bring harmony in the world and make this plannet a heaven, if can not, at least to try in that direction.

How can we work to award a 02 year or 01 year certification in shorter time? Yes this is the most important question always asked by those who are having traditional mentality or are not familiar with modern trends of education.

If a person or candidate is having say 02 year experience in a field, and if he can submit a research assignment of 15 pages( Note that research assignment not a simple assignment) I think and it is acceptable from any canons of modern research in education, that under ACCELERATED SYSTEM, the candidate can be granted the diploma of 02 year or 01 year with in 90 working days.(Note that during these 90 days the candidate should complete and submit the Assignment also) If suppose a person is very much fresh we can provide crash training only in our Lahore/ Islamabad or Mardan campus.

What if a person is fresh and want to get that 2 year professional and international Diploma in short time say 4 to 5 months? It is also easy if that person is in Pakistan or in UAE or KSA or any where he should join a work shop/ a firm/ a laboratory/ a hospital and with in not more than 6 months he will become practically trained and get the 02 year diploma. But in such cases 02 assignments will be taken from the candidate.

Once a very high govt official asked me that why do we give such type of qualification, and my sudden response was that because the govt is not doing it. Those who intend to join international markets then international jobs companies need international qualification....

At an other conference I presented a research paper on this topic and 04 Ph.D DOCTORS who were at age 50 plus,  enrolled for 2 courses each.

Once at our Islamabad office we received a high profile person who was and is the real brother of the ex ..... of Pakistan, and enrolled for a Safety related program. During our interaction he was so much excited that he became our friend and has devoted 02 days a month to work some thing for AIMMS.

Let me share some news about our OVERSEAS candidates. I can name not less than 100 such professionals whose monthly salary rose from 3000 SARs to even 15000 SARs. The same in other gulf countries.

And it is interesting to share with you that during the two EIDS we receive more calls from our overseas students than we receive from our family members.

We approached some donors in Pakistan for this purpose but it is really sorry to share with you that almost every department has asked for some incentive, if they wanted to work with us in collaboration. And please you will know what I mean by incentive.

I swear that every word and content of this description is more than true and no exaggeration has intentionally been made.


Dr. XYZ  

We have experienced some novel incidents during our working in AIMMS. It is very much true that in our society in every field quakes are sitting. The simple masses are the prey of such imposters. To open a show case based decorated and elite styled offices and buildings with blank minds does not assure the true knowledge. Once we launched a program for meeting the needs of our overseas students. We reached there and analysed the needs of our poor overseas especially in GCCs. Every one of them were deceived by previous organizations for issuing them certifications. The competency certification was being provided to them in the name of academic qualification. People usually dont distinguish between formal academic and competency based qualifications. So when ever we interact with such students and professionals and offer our services, when hear such a low charges of fee, they dont trust our services. Why? Because the others have cheated them in the past and received high prices. Here i dont give clue to one or two or more institutions. It is a general impression that we have received from more than 90 percent of our students. An other interesting issue is once you get enrolled and you paid more than 50 % of fee then hidden charges are asked. 

It is usually a case with the overseas students that they want the attestations of their diplomas from certain govt bodies and embassies. Here we always failed. Why? Because the candidates usually dont know that we are only a qualification facilitators and not attestations agency... However our offices some times if take this responsibility then this process is usually cumbersom....and lengthy. 

JOBSSSSSSSS: We always hear that finding job is difficult. But I think the case is the opposite. Every where is job but we are not meeting its requirements. our youth is not creative. Once i was searching for a social media expert. I shocked to note that Social Media is so much important. It is a reality that more than 80 percent people use social media, and upto 20 percent of them use it almost for all purposes. It is a big market. Here every thing is in abundance. only those will survive who are experts in it. But creativity is lacking in us. We dont diversify the market. 

Whats a professional certification is a matter of great debate. Some organizations intermingle it with academic certification for their own material intersts, with out thinking that this certification is a life long asset of the candidate. The holder of it does not know the real meaning of the certification. Professional certification is a process where in the the trust level between the employer and that of the employee reaches the highest level. The increase in the productivity in the given organization is the tangible indicator of the certified actor in the concerned industry...

In the same way traditional people still use such one and two year certifications in place of academic documents and they usually demand attestaions of such certificates by embassies and foreign affairs which is not a valid approach. Although our team support such needy persons via third party services for the stamping and attestations of them with good intent but in reality such certifications dont need any such attestations.







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