F.Sc Medical Technologies

Fsc Medical Technologies/ 2 year Fsc Diploma from Govt Board

Conratulations: Now AIMMS Islamabad is being declared and notified as Admission and Training campus for Fsc Medical Technologies, which are.

1. Fsc in Medical Lab Technology

2. Fsc in Imaging Technology

3. Fsc in Dental Hygiene

4. Fsc in X-Ray Technology/Radiology

5. Fsc in Surgical/ OT technology

6. Fsc in Opthalmology/ Vision Science 

Admission Criteria and Eligibility: Minimum 45 % Marks in Matric Science and Maximum 25 years of Age  (Only limited Seats)

Complete Fee per year: 30,000/pkr admission for fisrt year and 3000/pkr per month. Same for second year..


1. you will have intermediate and can then do Bsc in Health. Secondly you will be a skilled person and well as fsc certificate holder.

2. Govt and private jobs opportunities. 3. Attestations and verifications and placement in overseas countries like KSA/UAE/GULF easy.

3. Will be professionally sound and good future.

Please call our Dirctor of these Programs Gohar Zaman on 0333 6668664 for reservation of your admission seat as we have only 30 seats in every category. Classes will begin at the end of februaray/ or start of March 2017.Policies of Govt Board will apply.



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