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THE MOST POPULAR Accreditation of Training Body of Canada..

AIMMS has concluded its affiliation with Canad Most importatant Accredited body, TRACCERT.ORG, and now we can help our professionals and students to apply for Canada international Training Based and exemption based Certifications   in Health, Management, Safety and Civil Engineering.

Features of Such Training Accreditation.

1. Highly Professionals. 2. Online veridfiable. 3. Internationally Acceptable. 4. The most Transparent. 5. Directly accredited by Govt of Canada. 6. Best to cover Study Gap. 7. Good for immigration Purposes. 8. Can be completed on Fast Track.9. Dont Need any attestations like Nebosh or IOSH courses.10. The student DATA will get entered into the system by a Code No of identity. 

Elegibility: Any person who is at least 10 grade Pass and professional in Any field can Apply.

Exam & Award of  Training Based (certification) Diploma: A comprehensive written Test of 10 Qusetions Subjective or 100 Qustions paper objective will be taken. Under Fast Track and RPL system the Award Time can be 5 to 6 months(if applicable).

Complete Fee: 1 year Any Course 40,000/PKR. 2year 50,000/pkr

(A) Health Courses 1&2 Year Diplomas: 1. Health Care. 2. Emergency Medicine, 3 Family Medicine. 4. Public Health, 5. Child Health. 6. Nursing. 7. Human Diet & Nutrition. 9. Gynae Technician, 10 Denatal Hygiene, 11. Hospital Administration. 12. Pharmacy. 13 Pathology. 13. Ultrasound. 14. Radiology.15. Physiotherapy. 17. Doppler Ultrasound. 18. Pain Management. 19. Diabetology. 20 Anesthesiology. 21. Rheumotology. 22. Sex Health. 23. Kidney Diseases. 24. Cardiac Care. 25. Respiratory Therapist. 26. Pulmonary Diseases. 26. Neurology.

(B) All Safety Related Courses: 1.HSE, 2. Safety Engineering, 3. Safety and Health, 4. Safety and security, 5. Fire Safety. 6. Construction and Safety. 7. Safety in Work place. 8. Oil and Gas Safety. 9. Safety in Industries. 10. Safety and Employment. 11. Safety Management in corporations. 12. Safety in Disaster Management. 13. Safety and Rescue in Calamities. 14. Safety in Buldings. other Safety courses

(C)  Management Courses:1. Logistic Supply Chain Management 2. Procurements and Contracts Management 3. Disaster Management. 4. Office Management. 5. Administration Management, 6, Hotel Management. 7. Accounts and Finance. 8. Project Management Professional (PMP). 9. School Management. 10. Quality Control Management. 11. Conflict Resolution and Management. 12. Montessori teaching and Management. 13. Human Resource Management. 14. Telecom. 15. Fiber Optic. 16. Human Rights. 17. Hospitality And Tourism. all other Management courses

(D) All Civil Courses  1& 2 year Diplomas: 1. Civil Engineering. 2. Civil Survey. 3. Civil Draftsman. 4. Civil Architecture 5. Civil Auto Cad 6. Civil Construction. 7. Material Engineering. 8. Civil Road Lab. 9. Oil and Gas Technology. 10. Civil Technology. 11. Modern Construction Engineering. 12. Advance Survey Digital. 13. Modern Civil Engineering.  Any other Civil Related Course

HOW CAN I Apply: Please Fill up the below online form and press the registration option at the END and your online registration will be confirmed. After 10 seconds check your mail for the acknowledgement mail and all details of how to deposit fee and proceed to confirm your admission.....

For Details Contact

Islamabad Campus: 0333 5674192/ 0333 5066535

Lahore Campus   0334 5068900/ 0322 4439673

Peshawar Office: 0333 5375633

Mardan campus  0347 9812089

Karachi Admission point: 0334 0125489


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