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Plumbing and Sanitary
Course Fee Hostel Fee Eligibility Timing Course Duration
15000 2500 As per course requirement 9:00 to 11:00 One Year ( Two Months Classes )

Course Contents Plumbing and Sanitary
F1. Taps & Valves
F2. Cutting / Threading / Bending / GI Pipes
F3. Jointing / Assembling GI Pipes
F4. PVC Pipe Bending
F5. PVC Jointing
F6. S.W. Pipe laying / jointing
F7. Cast Iron Cutting / Jointing
F8. Alkathene flanging / Jointing
F9. Making service connections
F10. Connecting house sewer to main
F11. Fixing Sanitary Fixtures
F12. Installing Water Pump, connecting supply pipe
F13. Skill Consolidation Installation Work Project
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