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Welcome to AIMMS TRAINING Campus Pindi/Islam Abad: Finally the old dream got translated into reality, and AIMMS-Pakistan, the largest net work in the country working since 2004, began Regular Classes in Multiple technical and Health care courses. Complete 2 diplomas of 1,1 year each will be awarded on the completion of only 60 days training/Demonstration. Morning and Evening Shifts are working. Even if 08 students of a category are available, we will launch classes under the expert and renowned foreign qualified supervisors/instructors.Please join training from any part of the country. We have the lowest fee structure in the whole world. Any technical course of 60 days training plus two diplomas of 1 year each complete fee is 15000/pkr and for Health Care courses two diplomas of 01 year Each and 60 days course training complete fee is 25000/pkr.Also we provide free counselling and opportunities of jobs in Malysia,UAE,Qatar, and other European countries at the end of course. Classes are supposed to launch from 20 th january, if the requred No of students admitted.

NPOTE: If a student get not satisfied and completed the whole  course, he/sh will sit in the other shift class with half fee For Hafiz Quran, and teachers sons will be given discount, and hostel facility will be given on no profit no loss basis, and the students will by themselves manage the hostel.

 FEE:           1year technical courses+Training + Diplomas(1year each) = 15000  no hidden charges( PROFESSIONAL SKILL RECOGNITION BOARD+AIMMS)

                    1year Health Related courses+ Training+Hospital training+ Diplomas ( 1 Year each)= 25000 no hidden charges(PSRB/AIMMS DIPLOMA)

Note: 8000 Extra will be charged for TTB Diploma and the candidate will sit in Exam.


COURSE NAME                                                            TRAINING PERIOD                               REMARKS

NEBOSH IGC LEVEL 3 UK                                                          30 DAYS

IOSH MANAGING SAFETY VERSION 4                                        09DAYS                                   PASS 99 PERCENT

IOSH WORKING SAFETY                                                            03 DAYS                                  PASS 99 PERCENT

IOSH H2S OIL FIELDS                                                                 03 DAYS                                   PASS 99 PERCENT

OSHA 30 HRS(accredited IBOESH USA) C.SAFETY                       15 DAYS                                  PASS 99 PERCENT

OSHA 30HRS (accredited US)  G.INDUSTRY                                  15 DAYS                                   PASS 99 PERCENT

FIRE SAFETY (accredited USA IBOEHS)                                        03 DAYS                                   PASS 99 PERCENT

FIRST AID & CPR (accredited by IOBOEHS US)                              03 DAYS                                  PASS 99 PERCENT

INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA IN OSH(Level-6, UK Safety council)       150Hrs study                            Depends

Package IOSH+ FIRST AID SAFETY+ BASIC SAFETY                  01 MONTH                                    99 PERCENT PASS



For Fee structure of courses in Nebosh/ IOSH and my other US and UK courses in Safety please contact our head office on 0333 6668664/ or training campus on 0333 5071677 or email us on


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