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Mode of study is through online reading for which books and reading material will be sent to the student. After every 3 months exam will be conducted in our Lahore, Islam Abad campuses. This exam will be held to check the competency and experience of a candidate and usually there is 90 percent success rate in such exams. With in 10 days of Exam, result will be announced. Successful candidates will get the desired competency based Diploma in a good presentable file with in 20-30 days of the exam. Complete fee of exam is to be charged 3000/pkr in which high tea and other refreshment will be included.

For international Diplomas/ Degrees of UK and USA online research papers/ assignments will be required only…

OVERSEAS students will be exempted from exam and they will just submit the experience letter, and online assignments.

For exams and other details you can call our AIMMS Head office Islam Abad on 0333 6668664 and Lahore office on 0334 5068900 or can directly contact us for quick feedback on info@aimms.edu.pk