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                           Get Globally Approved TQUK Endorsed Qualification  From Level 2 to level 6    

          Under RPL/EPL genuine existing knowledge or experience with in SHORT TIME OF 90 TO 120 DAYS subject to submission of at least 2year experience verifiable letter from private or govt firm/department and 20 pages research based assignment in the concerned field. If a student wants in campus or online training will submit extra charges.

CATEGORIES:    We have more than 200 courses under RPL system and Research Assignments System...

1. Safety related field   2. Civil Construction related field    3. Management/ HR and IT related fields,  Accounting and Finance     4. Health Care field     5.  Administration                            6.  Logistics  Related Field

7. Business Management       8.  Hotel Industry              9.  Education Field                       10.  Tourism and Hospitality Field

For any other specific course with different title can be confirmed on


Level 2 to 4                                500 US Dollars,

Level 5 to 6                               700 US Dollars

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Lahore Campus:     0334 5068900/ 0322 4439673

Peshawar/ Mardan Campus: 0333 5066535/ 0336 9392456





Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL)

Use your previous learning and/or experience to earn an internationally-recognised qualification.

What is APL?

APL is an academic process that recognises and values your previous work experience and/or study.

Accrediting your previous learning and/or experience means you can use it to:

  • count towards your course requirements.
  • obtain academic qualification

APL is an umbrella for two types of learning:

  1. Learning gained outside the classroom at home, work or in a community setting e.g. running a community group, working on a marketing campaign or managing a business. This can lead to Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL).
  2. Learning from course completion, passing on assessment and/or having a certificate. This can lead to Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL).

How will it benefit you?

  • Previous learning won’t have to be repeated, including partly completed courses.
  • It takes less time to complete a course
  • Save money
  • Workloads may be reduced.

How does APEL work?

APEL is awarded for the learning that results from the experience or skills you have gained, not the experience itself. You must demonstrate what you have learnt and prove it is at the correct level, amount and relevant to your course.

To apply for APEL, you must submit an assessment (which will be matched against the course requirements) such as:

  • A portfolio of evidence
  • A written piece of work
  • An artefact (e.g. a computer programme)

How does APCL work?

Your prior Certificated Learning will be assessed by our team of qualified assessors (Certificate evidence will be required). This is known as Accreditation of Prior Certificated Learning (APCL).

How do we decide if you can receive credit for prior learning?

Our assessors will make an academic judgement based on whether your previous study or learning is:

  • Relevant
  • Sufficient
  • Of the correct level
  • Current

*APL credit will normally be accepted within a maximum of five years from the date it was awarded.

* APEL experience will normally be accepted within a maximum of five years from the date of the most recent activity that was undertaken.

Evidence required to support a claim for Certificated Learning (APCL):

  1. A description of the content and learning outcomes of the programme/module you have completed (e.g. extracts from a course handbook, module descriptors or a programme specification).
  2. An academic transcript of your previous programme of study.

Evidence required for Experiential Learning (APEL):

  1. A portfolio of evidence will be required to support your claim for each module. This should normally include:
    • Personal reflection on experiences relevant to each of the learning outcomes/performance criteria of the module.
    • Relevant job descriptions
    • Independent verification of dates of relevant employment
  2. The portfolio might also include:
    1. Character references
    2. Samples of work you have produced
    3. Relevant certificates of non-accredited courses of study completed (together with a course syllabus)
  3. Email us your cv that you claim experience in any field for diploma on
  4. WHATS BENIFIT IN IT FOR ME. YOU can use this certification for top up admission in MBA etc.

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