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PSDC stands for Professional Skill Development Council a Govt Registerd body working on basis of no profit and loss. Keeping in view the poor conditions of the society in general and our proud in particular some of the like minded persons, philoanthrophist took the initiative to bring capacity building to our youth who are havind experience and skill but are unrecognized. Therefore we established a board with name PROFESSIONAL SKILL RECOGNITION BOARD, which is also agreed to work with PSDC in this noble cause. The main donor of these bodies is presently only AIMMS and AIMMS Training campus, which has donated 4 million rupees for this cause.

It is to bring in the notice that PSDC will charge only material consumption charges, Salaries of the ten persons who are working in different parts of the country, offices monthly rent, and other utilities.

PSDC main object is to establish vocational and professional relations with the institutes and give their qualified youth skill recognition and non academic acknowledgement and enhance their capacity and build trust and confidence in them.

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NOTE: All these measures are taken in good faith and intentions, so any thing that contravenes with the law of the country can be rectified from time to time, and our beloved Govt should also keep in view  the nobel cause and objectives of PSDC.

PSDC endorses all the courses of AIMMS Islam Abad and can bring change in the nomenclature of the courses to avoid duplication with other Govt bodies.

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President: Gauhar Zaman 0092-9238643/ 0333 6668664





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