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Admission Consultancy Services for Competency Degree Courses


                For Overseas International Professionals

    It is to mention here that AIMMS is a big organization of Pakistan. This chapter of Consltancy is working purely on Humanitarian Grounds for PROFESSIONAL Development through a Different Mode of Professional Qualification Development through International Certification.

This is the reason that in this page every thing is mentioned clearly and openly more than required with the intent to inform our professional candidates of the futuristic and utilitarian purposes of such Qualification, and this does not fall in the Education Frame Work of Pakistan.



This page is run and manged by the AIMMS Research and Education Promotion Chapter, for the welfare and development of  Internationals OVERSEAS SKILLED professionals important for their job change, professional growth and development. This page is supervised by dedicated professionals and researchers only for the good of human development. After your interaction with our team you will feel the difference.

   Courses For International & Overseas Skilled Persons

For those who are on job and busy, dont find time for their study, and having experience in their field are eligible for this Competency Based Qualification by some of  USA Based universities.

If you are in any gulf country like UAE/KSA/QATAR/OMAN or EUROPE ETC and you are working in any field like Health, Medicine, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Management, HR, Insurance, Telecom or any other area,  and you have the intermediate like F.A or Fsc/ DAE, and you want to get 4 year Ehereal  BS/ MBA/BBA/BSIT/MSIT/ BS TECHNOLOGY/BS HEALTH  in any of these fields, but you don’t have time for regular or distance based education, then we can help you in getting such ethereal professional degree on the bases of your total  professional experience and a simple thesis of 100 pages in your field of work from a  REGISTERED university of America. 

How I will get the 04 year degree with in short time under accelerated system? It is very easy. Your experience count will be converted in credit hours and say your three years time of the course can  be covered on bases of this experience. While for the remaining 1 year you will submit the research thesis. If you can submit your online research thesis with in 02 months, then this means that with in 05 months you can get the said  Capacity Building degree. However for complete process the concerned University Policies will apply.

Is it legal practice?  Universities are autonomous bodies. They can offer exemptions for the experiences claimed by potential candidate in his field. In the same way our affiliated university AITU is an accredited university by the Florida State of Education, and is committed to promote religious harmony and promotion. Such universities are basically given some autonomy by the US Government to award the religious based Qualification development centric Certification. 

What is the legality of such Degree? According to USA based qualification, every document or degree if issued by a US based university or other organization for a foreigner candidate then these documents and certificates must be validated/authenticated/ signed and stamped by the US State department and Notary public. A two pages verification/authentication letter is issued attached with the US Based degree by the US State department.  If a person is working in other country he can verify and check it from USA Embassy or consulate in that country or as per existing policies. Where the officials will check it online from US State department..

It is always Pakistani people in the Middle East ask us about the attestation of such degrees by HEC/PEC or PMDC. The simple reply to this question is this Qualification Frame Work does not fall in the Scope of these bodies. This frame work may work for the internationa market jobs...

If these degrees are not accredited by HEC Pakistan then why should I do? Its answer is also simple. If your future plan is to use this Qualification for only Govt jobs in Pakistan, then we advise not to do it. But if your plan is a private job, or want to join any firm, or want to find good job placement in multi nationals, or in middle east, or any other place then such Qualification is suitable for you. In modern age international degrees are more respected, because the American Qualification system  is respected through out the world. keeping in view the new trends and markets in the world and the shrinking of govt sectors, people give preference to private high profile jobs. Where one can get high paid salaries and respect.

What benefit I will have in KSA/UAE/QATAR or other countries where I show my such degree of health or engineering or management? You will have all benefits and even more than others because you have an authentic and genuine degree of America and which is attested by American state. So you will mention it in your cv and visiting card and submit in other company/ Sharka for higher position job on bases of it. Many candidates complain that in KSA and Middle East the companies need only attested degrees? Don’t worry when you submit your documents, the concerned company will send it to the university through the American embassy or any other source and the university will verify it. 

No I need a Pakistani degree, now a days majority of candidates demand, If you are a Pakistani Oversea then our advice for you is to do your Course from some Pakistani based University. Never rely on short cuts. Never do any thing which give you short lived benefit. It is just a cheating. You will always be under pressure. As a qualification is not like some thing which you can change. It is a life time asset with us and will leve us only when we die.   Being an academician and having seen the world with more than 30 years experiences in education sector, anything which is fundamentally wrong can not be corrected. ( if you need more details on this topic, you please ask your question on

IS THIS ONLINE EDUCATION? No it is not online. No where it will mention the word like online or distance learning. As it will be issued to you on research thesis bases, so it will be having no words like them. It is purely your experience and Research based Ethereal Professional Qualification. 

Why you should believe us? Simply because if you investigate about AIMMS and those who are graduated from us, and even if you kept in touch with any of our information assistant, you will see that our past track record is Alhamdulellah more than 100 % is transparent. And secondly the universities we are having collaboration are genuine and physically existent as per our research. Also our counseling is based more on mission than earning money. And AIMMS Pakistan is a welfare Pakistani based institution of research and competency based qualification and working in education and training since 2008. For all diploma purposes we have training campuses in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and kpk, with more than 20 professionals working inside and more than 300 trainers and researchers who work on attachement bases online.

Then how some of the American universities do such mode of education and not all? Its response is that in USA being a largest country of more than 50 states, having multicultural and lingual mix ups, the government is having different policies for different nationalisties, where in their religious freedom is guaranteed. Suppose is one of our collaborator via American Learning Center Virginia, in Florida State which is registered by the Florida Independent Education Department and this university offers various such degree courses..

What is the fee of such courses: 

Usually the fee for such courses is 3000-5000 US Dollars.

Notorization, US State department attestion charges by third party services excluded.

Can I pay in installments? Yes you can pay in maximum 04 installments.

How I will pay my fee? It is easy you will pay/ transfer the fee on official invoice of the university which you will get online. This will be your official transaction and good for your future record and evidence.

How I start it?  Don’t worry you can whatsapp text only our Expert on 0092 342 9245351  OR you can have direct call to Mr. Ijaz Lahore campus on 0334 5068900  And also send your complete cv on cc

Is this fee so much High and you can not afford it?

We can feel that usually some of the persons can not afford the fee. But dont take tension. instead you can do 1,2,or year professional Diplomas via us at reasonable fee. Complete fee for any course in 1 year for Canada and USA body is 50,000/pkr and two year fee is 60,000/pkr plus 2000pkr for courier services from Pakistan to Middle East or you can get them frpom uk/usa and canada direct shipment. The fee for UK TQUK endorsed diploma level 2 to level 5 is 60000 pkr and for level 6, the fee is 80,000/pkr. Similarly for 3 year Diploma from Canada  based Organization/Board  90 thousand pkr. Note here that you can check the fee for international diplomas, and they are pricing upto 1500US Dollars.

If still you can not afford it then we have Pakistani based diplomas, certified diplomas in almost all fields. fee for 01 or 02 year for overseas is 40 thousand pkr and for certified diploma fee is 50 thousand pkr.


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