Fee Structure

                                      1. Pakistani Training/Research  Based Professional Diplomas

         1year 15000/pkr, 2 year 30,000/pkr( FOR  LOCALS)

        (Certified Diploma 20,000/pkr 1 year, Medical Allied Health Council Reg 15000/pk


              2. International USA/UK & Canada Govt TRACCERT. Capacity Building  Professional Diplomas

                                          1 YEAR USA/ CANADA DIPLOMA= 40,000PKR, 2YEAR/PG DIPLOMA=50,000 PKR

                                    UK level 2 TO 5    60,000/PKR,          LEVEL 6 =  90,000/PKR  TQUK ENDORSED


                                3.  MD Alternative From Columbo University

                                    Complete fee And Services = Two Lac pkr. Only for health graduates

                                  For Fsc/fa     complete fee  4lac       Training fee included

            Note: Convocation and other fee will be charged 30 thousand for Conv in Pakistan, 60k pkr for Sari Lanka


                                     DIPLOMAS FOR OVERSEAS

         For Gulf region the complete fee for any Pakistani Diploma is 40,000/ pkr   ( 3rd party attestations charges will apply)


Admission Bank Details For Local Pakistanis

4. Habib Bank Limited (HBL) A/c Title AIMMS Br.Code & A/c 12757900816703 Bank   Mardan

IBAN. PK41HABB0012757900816703


(5) Habib Bank Limited (HBL) A/C Title AIMMS Br Code & A/c no  02787900747603

IBAN PK68HABB0002787900747603

Students from Overseas can submit there fee in following Bank Account.

     1   UBL a/c, title of account, AIMMS, IBAN# PK04 UNIL 0109000223848975 G11 Markaz IslamAbad

     2   or in the name of Gohar Zaman (MD AIMMS) CNIC No:16101-5406696-3 through Western Union or any other agency.


Disclaimer: For the interest of the candidates and their security, submit your fee only in AIMMS Accounts of HBL/ABL/UBL.


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