Important Note: AIMMS is popular brand name of Pakistan working under the Organization of Modern Education and                                                          Research OMER, Pvt Ltd. and its Fee structure does not involve any hidden charges.                          



                                   American Based Diplomas Issued by American Learning Center

         1 year fee is 600 US Dollars. 2 year & pgd FEE is 800 US dollars. 100 US Dollars for Virginia State Public Notorization if needed.   


                                                           UK Diplomas( Will be issued by UK Association of Professionals)

          1 year Diploma= 600 US Dollars, 2 year & PGD Diploma= 800  US Dollars.( 200 US Dollars for Public notary if needed)


                           CANADA Traccert Diplomas Fee Structure. 1 Year 40,000/PKR & 2 Year Diploma Complete fee                                                50,000/pkr.


                                              Pearson- Assured Diplomas of the UK fron UAE Center

               Certificate= 15,000, Diploma= 20,000, Advance Diploma= 25,000/pkr

           ( If needed any Diploma along with UAE Pearson & British Council and Pakistan Foreign affairs attestations, complete Fee is 50 thousand pkr,)


                                               MD(Alternative Medicine) From Srilankan University

             Complete 4 year Degree Fee is 200,000/pkr and can submit in 4 Installments.

               PH,D in a subject specialization  1lac admission, 1 lac pkr every year



                                      Pakistani Diplomas

1 year any Diploma= 15000/pkr 2 year diploma= 30,000/pkr


                                      Overseas Pakistani Students

                      Total Fee of One year & Two Years Diploma = PKR-40000 

                   Foreign Affairs Islam Abad attestation 3rd Party services = PKR-3000

                         Attestaions charges from Embassies via 3rd party 12000/pkr

                           Courier Charges to Foreign Countries = PKR-2000 on Demand.

                  3year Competency AIMMS DIPLOMA = PKR-80,000 (0NLY FOR OVERSEAS PAKISTANIS, ATTESTED by                     Ministry of Foreign Affairs) plus attestations and courier services charges= 15000/pkr( third party services)

             Revised Fee From 2-6-2016


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