Admission Procedure Local

(1) Select the course title and Mode of study

  1. Regular Basis( one and two year diploma will be completed with in 08 momths on assignment basis)
  2. Fast Track (Complete One / Two years diploma within 4-5 months)
  3. Experience Based (Diploma will be issued directly within 3/4 months on Experience based)

NOTE:Candidate is advised to opt a mode of study according to his/her competency as mentioned in MODE OF STUDY displayed in the online admission form.

(2) Deposit admission fee in any nearest UBL or HBL bank's Online account as given below.

(A) United Bank Limited (UBL) A/c Title AIMMS Br. Code & A/c 1048-223848975  G11 Markaz Islam Abad,

      IBAN:PK04 UNIL 0109 0002 23848975

(B) Habib Bank Limited (HBL) A/c Title AIMMS Br.Code & A/c 12757900816703 

IBAN. PK41HABB0012757900816703

(C) Habib Bank Limited (HBL) A/C Title AIMMS Br Code & A/c no  02787900747603

IBAN PK68HABB0002787900747603


EXAM SCHEDULE: For International Diplomas/ Degrees only Research Based Assignments/ Thesis required while for national Diplomas one day comprehensive test will be conducted after evey three months in the final week at Lahore, Islam Abad, Peshawar, Karachi and 99 percent success rate is guaranteed for competency diplomas.

Complete Fee: 1 year Complete fee is 15000/pkr, 2 year complete Fee is 30,000/pkr

DISCLAIMER: The students are informed to note not to submit the fee in cash in any national or international admission office of AIMMS, and can only submit the fee in the given accounts of AIMMS. And also the success in any diploma is guaranteed, in case of our failure of these TRUST BASED diplomas from Embassy the fee of the attestation will be refunded while that of Diploma will be preserved.

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